Studio News

Spring 2016


BI(h)OME Wins Design Merit Award from the Westside Urban Forum
May 18, 2016

The Backyard BI(h)OME recently won a "Design Merit Award" from the Westside Urban Forum in the category of Plans/Public Policy!

The BI(h)OME project, designed and built by AUD faculty member Kevin Daly, cityLAB,and AUD graduate students, continues with two further versions. The original BI(h)OME is being repurposed as an elementary school outdoor classroom and a new, fully-habitable version will be built in the City of Los Angeles as a backyard home demonstration project.

To learn more about this project, visit the BI(h)OME website.


BI(h)OME Selected as a Finalist for Two Architizer A+ Awards
March 15, 2016

cityLAB's Backyard BI(h)OME has been selected as a finalist in the Architizer A+ Awards in the category for Concepts - Architecture + Low Cost Housing! As a finalist, the BI(h)OME is now nominated for two prestigious awards: the Architizer A+ Jury Award and the Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award. The Popular Choice Award is selected by online voters and as such, we encourage you to vote for the BI(h)OME by clicking here. The voting period closes tomorrow, Friday, April 1st.


The Urban Humanities Initiative Visits Mexico City During Spring Break
March 19, 2016

UHI students and faculty travelled to Mexico City over spring break to conduct ten days of intensive field research. During the trip, students collaborated with three local organizations, Casa Gallina, Laboratorio Para La Ciudad, and LIGA (special thanks to Carmen Cuenca, Michael Krichman, Gabriella Gomez-Mont, Wonne Ickx). These collaborations will drive the UHI projects, which aim to imagine how interventions in the cultural and physical landscape of Mexico City might address challenges of spatial justice.


cityLAB visits Jet Propulsion Laboratory for Workshop on Designing Workspaces for 'Deep Think'
March 17, 2016

With the workday punctuated by constant meetings, attention distracted by steady digital communication, and the 24/7 workflow made possible by mobile technology, it is increasingly difficult to find the time and space for heads-down, concentrated, disconnected work. cityLAB has partnered with Jet Propulsion Laboratory to conduct research on these barriers to productivity and discover the ways in which the physical environment at JPL can be designed to overcome them.

cityLAB gathered a group of UCLA architects and technology design experts (Marta Nowak, Guvenc Ozel, Jeff Burke, and Randy Ilum) to participate in a design workshop at JPL to brainstorm innovative design solutions. Stay tuned for results in June.


cityLAB Hosts Book Launch on Informal Market Worlds
February 17, 2016

cityLAB recently hosted a roundtable discussion and book launch to mark the release of Informal Market Worlds - The Architecture of Economic Pressure (Atlas and Reader) edited by Teddy Cruz, Fonna Forman, Peter Mörtenböck, and Helge Mooshammer. The discussion focused on what Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman have termed, 'informal public demands', i.e. the changes in urban policies and planning practices required to engage with informality in a productive and fair manner.

Access the press release and learn more about this publication by clicking here.