Studio News

Fall 2016


cityLAB Launches UC-LA Projects
October 28, 2016

cityLAB is partnering with LA city agencies and UCLA departments to implement a new project series that engages urban issues in Los Angeles. In our inaugural meeting, we came together to discuss precedents, ideas and feasibility of potential projects. The criteria for the project includes implementation in one year, a transformational nature, replicability, and engagement of community stakeholders. We believe that collaboration across disciplines, agencies, and jurisdictions will allow us to create a multifaceted project that addresses the changing needs of Los Angeles in the 21st century.


cityLAb, Times 10 Exhibit in the Works

The cityLAb, times 10 exhibition looks back at the work of cityLAB in the 10 years since its inception, and it looks forward to the future with urban design proposals by six teams of young designers in order to open up a critical dialogue about possibilities for impacting and shaping the next version of Los Angeles.

The exhibit will open in February 2017 with evening events to follow.