Studio News

Fall 2014


Backyard BI(h)OME Project is Launched
December 17, 2014

Created as an extension of cityLAB's Backyard Homes study, cityLAB has begun the process of developing the Backyard BI(h)OME. This ultra-modern, lightweight accessory dwelling unit that has the potential to restructure sprawl and provide affordable housing while also enhancing habitat for other species (from an edible garden wall and attachable modular units to accommodate beneficial species to a grey water drainage system to irrigate vegetation).

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• Backyard BI(h)OME cityLAB project page
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Weyburn Bus Bench is Installed
November 19, 2014

cityLAB’s Ida/Dactyl bus bench with ambient informatics lighting has recently been installed at the Bruinbus stop on Weyburn Ave. between Gayley and Veteran. Created in partnership with UCLA’s Jeff Burke and REMAP, this project brings aesthetics, technology, and innovative design together to create a new public experience in Westwood Village Los Angeles. The bus bench is programmed to communicate information by lighting up in accordance to real-time Bruinbus GPS data. Visit the site after sunset to gain the full ambient informatics experience.

For more information, visit the Ambient Informatics project page, here.


cityLAB Initiates IS Associates Pilot Study on IT Workplace Futures
September 9, 2014

cityLAB has partnered with UCLA’s IS Associates to initiate a pilot study on IT Workplace Futures. Specifically the study recommends a critical evaluation of today’s trends, such as the recent upsurge in the popularity of the “creative office”, while simultaneously focusing attention toward discovering the workplace potentials of the future. Researchers will perform case study evaluations on eight IS Associate member organizations representing a wide array of work/office types from Sony Pictures Entertainment and Northgate Markets to the Los Angeles County Public Health Department and Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Each case study will include CIO and IT Employee interviews as well as site visits and tours of relevant office facilities.

For more information, visit the IT Workplace Futures project page, here.


UHI Design Knowledge Symposium
November 14-15, 2014

The Urban Humanities Initiative hosted a two-day Design Knowledge Symposium to explore the possibility of a field called “The Urban Humanities.” Speakers from across the country and the globe came to UCLA to contemplate the potentials in this emerging paradigm and unpack the scholarly working models that bridge the disciplines of design, urban studies, and the humanities. Speakers included: Eric Cazdyn, Lev Manovich, Christian Philipp Müller, Karen Tei Yamashita, John Pickles, and Sarah Whiting.

Backyard BI(h)OME: Project Development Meeting at KDA

Backyard BI(h)OME: Project Development Meeting at KDA

Ambient Informatics:  Bus Bench Installation

Ambient Informatics: Bus Bench Installation

IT Workplace Futures: Avery Dennison Site Visit