Studio News

Fall 2012


New Backyard Homes Prototype

Kevin Daly Architects developed a new prototype for cityLAB's backyard home --one that is inexpensive, elegant, sustainable, and multi-functional. Like leasing a car, the cardboard honeycomb house would serve its purpose for a limited period of time, perhaps 3-7 years, and then be relocated or recycled. The new prototype could function as work space, guest room, pavilion, housing, or disaster relief. The images show a mock up of the light weight construction, how easy it is to assemble, and how the building skin is vacuum sealed to the honeycomb and rib frame. You'll be able to see a full-scale demonstration of this prototype in the Hammer Museum courtyard sometime in early 2014.

Design Team: Kevin Daly with Jonathan Crisman, Nate Imai, and Chinh Nguyen


Westwood Village Vision

cityLAB's collaboration continues with Westwood Village Improvement Association, neighbors, UCLA
leadership, and property owners. With Roger Sherman Architecture and Urban Design, cityLAB envisions a creative arts festival in the Village in Fall 2013. Current status of the project is posted here at
Westwood Village Vision .

To see the research describing current conditions in the Village, see our Westwood Village Vision Newspaper.

Backyard Homes: Expanding the Mock Up

Backyard Homes: Lifting it Into Place

Backyard Homes: Testing a Skin

Backyard Homes: Close Up of Vacuum Seal