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BI(h)OME Wins Design Merit Award from the Westside Urban Forum
May 18, 2016

The Backyard BI(h)OME recently won a "Design Merit Award" from the Westside Urban Forum in the category of Plans/Public Policy!

The BI(h)OME project, designed and built by AUD faculty member Kevin Daly, cityLAB,and AUD graduate students, continues with two further versions. The original BI(h)OME is being repurposed as an elementary school outdoor classroom and a new, fully-habitable version will be built in the City of Los Angeles as a backyard home demonstration project.

For a full listing of WUF Awards, click here

Cuff Receives AIA/LA Award for Community Contribution
November 2, 2015

Dana Cuff was honored with the AIA/LA Award for Community Contribution at their recent annual awards ceremony and gala. Cuff was selected because of her extensive work on Los Angeles urbanism and housing and, in particular, her efforts to develop new architectural models for affordable and sustainable housing. She was honored alongside others who received awards for design, education, and building in Los Angeles, including Alissa Walker, Sarah Lorenzen, Aaron Paley, and Steven Ehrlich.

About the AIA|LA Design Awards:
Recognizing excellence in design, the AIA|LA Design Awards and Next LA Awards are prestigious honors bestowed on Los Angeles-based architects and practices that qualify for AIA|LA membership. The organization is one of the top three largest American Institute of Architects chapters in the United States. Submissions are reviewed by a select group of architects, fellows, critics, professors and theorists, who form a jury that represents the best in the design field.

See the AIA/LA’s website for more information here.

cityLAB's Roger Sherman Featured in Daily Bruin
May 28, 2015

cityLAB's Roger Sherman was recently featured in the Daily Bruin with regard to his recent TED Talk at the 2015 TEDxUCLA Conference. Sherman discussed the impact of smartphones on urban design and suggested a project that could bring people into Westwood Village and off their cellular devices.

See the article in The Daily Bruin

cityLAB's Westwood Village Vision Featured in UCLA Magazine
January 1, 2013

cityLAB's Westwood Village Vision was produced in 2011 and is an on-going collaboration with the Westwood Village community. UCLA Magazine highlights the study's recommendations to revitalize Westwood Village into a more attractive, economically vibrant, and sustainable district.

See the article on the Vision in The UCLA MAGAZINE

Mellon Awards $2M to Fund The Urban Turn Initiative
January 11, 2013

Dana Cuff, Director of cityLAB, in collaboration with Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris from Planning, Todd Presner from Germanic Languages and Digital Humanities, and Diane Favro from Architecture, are the recipients of a generous, three-year award from the Mellon Foundation to establish UCLA as an international center for the study of "urban humanities." The initiative began Summer 2013.

See the press release, and stay posted for more news.

cityLAB's WPA 2.0 in Places Magazine
January 21, 2013

Written by Places editor Nancy Levinson, the editorial "After the Storm: Climate Change and Public Works," argues for an intensified political agenda for designers as Barack Obama begins his second term. Levinson discusses WPA 2.0 among other projects that identify the intersection between climate change, sustainability and urban design.

Read the editorial in Places.